Commercial Greenhouses

Antiquated technologies such as fluorescent, induction and HID (high intensity discharge, which includes metal halide and high pressure sodium), have been in existence for decades or even longer and none was developed for use in horticulture lighting, but rather, for general lighting such as roadway, manufacturing and warehousing applications.

Since there were no better alternatives at the time, these products were put to use to grow plants when natural lighting was insufficient. These lamps can waste more than 50% of the energy they consume. This inefficiency results in high electrical costs to run the lamps themselves as well as the extensive cooling equipment they require.

LED lights, on the other hand, are much more energy efficient to run and they don’t require expensive cooling systems.  LED systems are configured specifically to meet plants’ photomorphological and photosynthetic needs. LED grow lights are helping innovators around the world grow more food faster in more places.

And a major player in the international vertical gardening movement is using LED grow lights in its turnkey Plant Production Units, which can be set up anywhere in the world where there’s a need for good food, fast.

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